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ABBON is a technology company providing innovative Multiphase Measurement Solutions enabling oil and gas operators to optimize production and increase recovery rates per well 


abbon_fields_frontTrustworthy real-time production information per well is essential for the operator. We at ABBON target to provide oil and gas operators with innovative instrumentation for measuring oil, water and gas flow in real time to gain reliable measurement values for the decision and intervention process to optimize production and increase recovery.

Optimization of current oil and gas fields depends increasingly on the ability to manage multiphase flows and monitor the well performance in real-time. We provide multiphase measurement solutions and services for optimized decision support. Our primary customers are oil and gas companies, operators and license owners, and our solutions cover all stages from field development to operational production.

Abbon has a highly skilled and experienced workforce dedicated to the task of developing a new generation of multiphase measurement solution for the petroleum industry. Our core philosophy is customer driven development. Close cooperation with customers is the key to provide the right people with the right solutions and enable optimized production and increased recovery throughout the full life cycle of the field. 



Latest news

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    ABBON at the 32nd North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop
    The premier world venue for measurement technology will take place in St. Andrews, Scotland, from 21st to the 24th October 2014. ABBON will present its new, most compact and non radioactive MPFM ABBON3PM. We look forward to meeting you there.

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    ABBON performed third party test successfully !
    ABBON performed successfully third party test at the well known TUEV-NEL multiphase test facility East Kilbride, Scotland. Would you like to know more ? Please give us a ring (+4792205677+4792205677) or send an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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